Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

" Milkcrate Jewels 8, Detroit O.G. Edition "

” Awesome Dre ” is the first M.C. from Detroit to get national exposure…And with all this talk about Detroit Hip Hop lately, you would figure more people would bring his name up…His first album ” You Cant Hold Me Back “, is a slept on banger that features ” Dre ” spitting crazy rhyme schemes….He sounded like a mixture of ” Rakim “, ” Lakim Shabazz “, and a sprinkle of ” Ice Cube “…And what seperated ” Dre ” from the rest of the pack, is that he made his own beats…..Check out how he flipped ” Son Of Shaft ” { Barkay’s } , excellent work indeed……Salute to you ” Awesome Dre “, for being a true Detroit pioneer….

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