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" Still M.V.P. "

To be a truly fresh M.C. you have to have some quotables under your belt…..If I can’t recite a couple lines from your rhymes than you are not doing your job….I’m not talking about memorizing jingles, I’m talking about remembering certain things that you said because it was that ILL…

That’s why Kool G. Rap & Big L are my favorite M.C.’s……Shit, these two have scrolls of non-stop quotables….

G.Rap……”Death Wish”

Quotable- ” A pimp that loves shrimp and lobster / and for a hobby I’m hitting niggas up like a mobster…..I got a story for each little poor territory / the ghetto glory in all categories “……..BLAM..

Big L…..“Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous”

Quotable: “Yo I admit I’m a sucka, a lowdown dirty sneaky double-crossin’ connivin’ muthafucka / Breakin’ in cribs with a crowbar / I wasn’t poor, I was po’, I couldn’t afford the o-r.”

YIKES….That is just straight up ridiculous…….I could go on and on forever with memorable lines that G.Rap & “L” spit…..

Lord Finesse sat down with Paul Arnold (Hip Hop Dx) to talk about Big L’s mindset during the classic “Lifestyles Of the Poor And Dangerous” sessions……YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS JACK !!!!


Big L- “Represent”

Quotable- ” I pack a gat not a slingshot / step to this and get an ass whipping like Rodney King got ….Or get beat to your death like cochice / my law say’s no peace, fuck the police “…………


" Hip Hop Battlefield Remix Series "

While most people were sleeping last night, I was up in the lab tapping out some next shit…WHEW…..I really hate to pat myself on the back, but I feel like I am in some type of crazy zone with the beats right now…

For this weeks remix I flipped the vocals from the U.N. “Nothing Lesser”…..The original beat by Pete Rock is a god damn monster….Heavy layers of bass, odd noises coming from every direction, and of course crispy, well-cropped drums…..

So for my remix I wanted to try something different (As usual)…..Instead of going the chaotic, hardcore route, I opted for more of a laid back, crime boss feel…..Don’t get it twisted: you won’t hear any cornball synths, or any of that other shit….Just raw, stripped down chops….

This is definitely in the top 20 of the best beats that I have ever made……BLAM.

* If you heard the original sample source- you would truly bug out because I sliced it up so crazily……LISTEN CLOSELY..

" Bob James Interview "

Bunch T.V. sits down with Bob James to talk Biz Markie and the mysterious “Mardi Gras” version without the cowbells (HAHA), Hip Hop, sampling, etc….I wish more artist that Hip Hop producers have sampled, would have the same attitude as Mr. James…

Do yourself a favor and check in-you might just learn something…

" Live From Headquarters 07/23/10 "

Remember when Serius/X.M. had shit on smash and you were unable to get links for Preem’s show ?……To this day I still don’t have Serius/ X.M.

One of the main reasons why I was even considering it was to hear the Live From Headquarters show…Every Friday “P” does his thing behind the decks and blesses us with two hours of nonstop new joints…..



" 5 Wednesday Sureshots "

What’s going on out there HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD posse ?

I decided to splash ya’ll with 5 certified bangers that will definitely ring your bells…..Big shout out to everyone that pops up on the regular….

1..Guilty Simpson & Madlib- ” Kill E’m Remix “

For some reason they left this off the O.J. Simpson album….When I heard this a few months back, it made me put on a instant screwface…POW,POW,POW………


2..Oh No & Alchemist (Gang Green)- ” Chain Swinging “

New shit from those Killer Cail dudes…..If this is any indication of what they have cooking up, than their forthcoming album should make heavy noise….PEEP..


3..F.T. (Fuck That)- ” Problemz “

This kid from Brooklyn can write crazy battle rhymes, but he can also flip conceptual, in-depth songs as well…..If you slept on this gem when it first came out, here is your chance to get your mind right JACK !!!!!


4..N.Y. Confidential- ” Backstabbed “

I posted thing song up over a year ago….SO WHAT……Shit, I might even post it up again HAHAHAHAHA……..My favorite cut from the mysterious N.Y. Confidential crew…..BLAM.


5..Slum Village- ” Reunion 2 “

It looks like Slum are calling it quits after losing a couple core members (Understandable)…..Their new album ” Villa Manifesto ” had it’s moments……..On this song ” Reunion 2 ” things get a little personal…..LISTEN UP…


"Under The Radar Rockets: Beat Nuts Edition, Part 2"

Since a couple cats hit me up about the last edition of “Under The Radar Rockets”, I feel that it is a must that I tap into that frequency once again…

The other day my dude “State” passed me a c.d. that had a ridiculous amount of heavy joints on it….One of the cuts was entitled “Robbed” by the Beat Nuts…..

WOW, I can’t believe I never even knew about this shit…

By the sounds of things I assume this was recorded during the “Stone Crazy” era….Loud abrasive drums, sinister floating keys, and plenty gun talk..After doing a little research I found out that this mystery track was released on a project called “Rarest Nuts”.

I’m not sure what record company put it out, or if it some black market type of secret release…..Regardless, grab yourself a cold drink, snatch up a oscillating fan, and prepare for some official DRAMA……


" Blog Shots 41 "

Cope 2 (KD) is a true heavyweight when it comes to graff…..For over 20 years now this man has been putting in a tremendous amount of work…

The ” King Of The 4 Line ” has achieved considerable mainstream success without watering down his techniques…

Did you know Cope did the cover art (Letters) for B.D.P’s ” Sex & Violence ” album ?……

I could go on and on about his accomplishments, but instead of doing that, I will just point you in the direction of his blog…..Interesting video footage, pieces, updates, and all types of other shit !!!!!!

When you head over there-tell him that the grimy kid from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack…


" New Shit On Deck "

Check out this unreleased flame thrower heat from the “Marcberg” sessions……This self produced rocket from Roc Marciano “Like This” should be pumped at extremely loud volumes…

Damn, this is dirty…


" Burn Your Face Off "

” In the 1980’s graffiti was pushed out of the subways as the trains were cleaned once and for all. In the 1990’s, much of the graffiti action in New York migrated to the city’s walls, enabling the ‘writers’ to execute more refined and concept-driven large-scale pieces. By the end of decade, this new medium was being used to great effect. Photographers James & Karla Murray took great pains to faithfully capture an unprecedented re-birth of the movement, documenting the most significant murals created between 1996 – 2001. Broken Windows contains insightful interviews, an extensive selection of women s’ graffiti, and features the work of more than 180 artists from The United States, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Italy, and Norway “.


" Remarkable Mayor : The Campaign "

Lookout weekend here I come….

I’m on my way to the disco to watch my man ” Planet ” tear shit apart on the decks, but before I get into Rick James mode, it’s only right that I hit you off with some Friday flames….

This new album by Tone Liv & Stilt is the perfect theme music for a reckless, no-holds barred, type of evening…..DON’T SLEEP..

Here are a couple highlights..

” Goodbye ” featuring Decay…..(Produced by P.H.D.)

” Pistol ” (Produced by Brettlife)

” Beats Like Women ” (Produced by D.J. Monkey)

" Planet Of The Crates, Part 2 "

Arcee, Kae Wonder & that dude that has been smashing all the Red Bull beat battles, “Frank Dukes” combined forces for this hour long journey into sound…

Peep what they had to say about this particular session..

” We went 3-for-3 with a wide array of joints from psych to soul, west-Indian funk to Bollywood brainmelters.

You’ll notice that there’s no tracklisting for this Cratery. The information is classified. However, we did give you an eBay-esque description that may help you decode the secrets contained within our crates. Just kidding, the descriptions won’t help you at all “.

Regardless of all of that, we present to you:

1. Fantastic Soul *Horn Stabs* SAMPLES-*cue burn,surface noise. Plays fine*
3. “Ain’t no sunshine” HIP HOP BREAKZ
4. Shady Brook LP Hard-to-Find Soul!
5. Barbados 1977 WIRL Disco Funk
6. Funky 45 Plays Great!
7. Great Grits and Gravy Soul
8. 45 RPM Mid-tempo Soulful Rock – SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY
9. Groovy Funk – Great for Teenagers!
10. DOO WOP Surprisingly Hard Drums (No Break-sorry)
11. Detroit Soul 45 *surface noise*
12. Hot Wax LABEL Great Soul!
14. Indian Psych –FUNKY— SAMPLES
15. Disco/Rock MONTREAL LP
16. Rare Tropical Funk COVER Gwen McCrae


Via- Barbecue or Boogaloo

" Summer Time Shenanigans "

Last weekend I headed up to Oakland hills for a little fiesta at legendary “Cray-One’s” crib….Here is little info on Cray if you are not knowing….

1…Dude has been smashing the graff world for over 20 years now (Talk about putting in work)…

2.. Filmed and published several times, such as in the book “Spray Can Art”, “Graffito”, “Piece By Piece”, and “Freight Train Graffiti”…..

3..One of the first graffiti artist to have a one-man gallery show on the west coast…

I think by now you get the motherfucking point, dude is no JOKE !!!!!

We had a real good time…Food was poppin, sun was out, and I had an opportunity to have a real heated discussion with my dude, “Bas-One” (Style Elements Crew/ N.S. / WASET)….Talk about heated, the conversation got so out of control that we both ended up shouting the lyrics to the demo version of “Rock The Bells” at each other…

” Jack The Ripper, King Hercules, / Professor of death on the seven seas ” …….(OH SHIT)…..

Thank you “Bas” for that conversation…We are not playing when it comes to this Hip Hop !!!!!!!!!

B-Boys & B-Girls In the photo: Kufu 1, BASone, Young Prize (Northstar Wahset Oakland CA. Chapter), Planet Rock & Drasar Monumental (Northstar Family/N.S. Warparty Chapter), Riff-Raff (Northstar Sacramento Chapter) Man-E (Northstar War Party), Zulu Roach ( Northstar Pillers San Jose CA.) Brotha State Of Mind, ChearsHTK, InkOTC, Verb, Cloud9, Torch, Angel, Chris-O, Koo C. & Orukusaki (UZN All Tribes SF Chap) SundanceAS, PicassoTWS, Sno, John, Lowell, K2-O.G. Lords, Sno , Jim Prigoff and his wife Arlene, , Fats, KodeHTK, RaevynTWS and his wife Fannie, Kasper, DareWCF, PicaAS, NateMPC, PhreshMDH/AS, Pete Allen, Ray Stevens, ShoeAS/KM, Bleek, Joseph Wright, Osare the Nigerian.


" Hardcore Hip Hop Will Never Die, Part 5 "

Are you tired of listening to cornball neo-soul type beats ?

Are you sick of hearing whiny, sap suckers complain about how their girlfriend left them high and dry ?


Back in 1996 Trife & D-Mob (Who happen to be blood brothers) put out the Gun Town’s Finest L.P. on “High Wire Records”….Here are a couple joints from that album that will force you to break something up….

Produced by Tony Sturdivant….

” Gun Town’s Finest “


” Running From The Mob ”

“When you live the hood life,shit is trife / running from the mob,backing niggas down- word to god”….


" Hip Hop Battlefield Remix Series "

” I’m thinking of taking my own life, might as well / except that they don’t sell weed in hell….And that’s where I’m going because the devil is inside of me / they make me rob from my own nationality “………

(Sticky Fingers-Last Days)


I’m back with some more remix action for the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD posse……

When I sat at my sampler yesterday making this beat, I knew deep down that I was dealing with some explosive frequencies…I was getting so hype, that I had to find a hype acapella to match the intensity of the sounds blasting out of my MPC..

Ahhhh, the “Evil Streets” by those crazy baldhead dudes Onyx……..This has to be in the top three of the best songs that the trio has ever made….And the crazy thing about this song is that, “Fredro Star” made the original beat….

For some reason after 1995 I stopped hearing what he was capable of doing behind the boards (It’s a shame because it sounded like he was headed in the right direction)….

Anyway, you know how I do…….All samples, all ugly, all Hip Hop Battlefield certified…..


" Planet Of The Crates "

If your in search for dusty breaks, my man Kid Dyno (London) has got you covered homeboy…On his latest “Breaks For Days” radio broadcast- he blesses us with over an hour of sureshot head nodders….

The first half consist of all sorts of breaks that will keep your ears on alert mode, the second half is packed with under the radar Hip Hop treats…TWO THUMBS UP…

So do the right thing and get your day started properly…