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” 2021 : Reignite Steez “

This is the first post of 2021-

I guess you can say I have been on a sabbatical from certain distractions…It takes an enormous amount of energy to be the person that I am, and for me to operate at 100 percent sometimes I have to focus and accurately measure my time management…

  • HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD has been up and rocking since 2008- the world has changed dramatically since then, but I can honestly say that I haven’t…Still the same no- nonsense B-Boy regardless of current trends, dick riding cults, emotional sheeple, cats jockeying for a position that doesn’t exist, loud mouth fake critics, etc…


While the majority scramble on social media for validation – I honestly could a fuck less..Many seem pre- occupied with numbers and traffic..

But I hate to enlighten you – Numbers do lie…

Bots, politics, secret societies have pretty much taken over social media at this point…It’s basically a corny social engineering project that leads many down a portal of depression and desperately trying to keep up with the “Jones’s”…

The beauty of having my own space outside of social media, is that I’m not beating you over the head about anything…I’m not trying to constantly sell you something…I’m not on a quest to sway public opinion…I’m not operating some type of agenda to harness your attention…

I’m just hitting you off with flavors – no extras, no illusion , no high school pissing contest, no bullshit…

So keep your eyes peeled on this side because you are going to see more activity over here..Salute to all of those that still check in ( I SEE YOU ) –

Now that I got that out of the way- I recently rocked a little interview action with “Voices Behind Walls” out of Texas…

“Drasar describes his music as, “a wall of sound…bass, treble, and highs. HEAVY! My music is a sonic outlet of anger and frustration.” Instead of taking out what he describes as vitriol on others, he transfers aggressive energy into music. “It’s more productive to me in that fashion, many people don’t have a creative outlet, and I believe that pent up frustration manifest itself in a myriad of shortcomings and dysfunctionality…This [music] is my tool for expressing my deepest thoughts and opinions.”


One response

  1. Thank you for this update, I was missing your posts. “What I heard as a kid felt like music I would grow to call my own”, I love this sense of belonging, like an identity. The Beat Within concept of a guiding light was very moving, in a world of puppets sometimes is hard to feel our own free will.
    Like almost all life, the continuous dynamics of humanity has always been survival, and of course that has consequences. Charlatans full of ambiguities and contradictions, sorcerers (engineers of emotions), shadows that move between the walls (weaving networks and kneading the explosion of VIOLENCE as science & FEAR as the root of our existence).
    Errands from the past fulfill their course of action, born out of greed and ending in destruction. Silent reflections of organized and highly manipulated energy, you can feel it’s presence like a black magic that defenestrates everything. They argue options, without real decisions; they cause divisions and poison hearts, like agents from the skies who send us a cyclone of ink, press and confusion. With an explosion of tools and technologies, we’ve built new walls that changed our lives. Test tubes with obscure results, the appetite for more information grows, as the world shrinks full of saturation.
    In the beginning we learned to communicate with each other, now we learned to forget how to do that. Health problems, private healthcare coverages… In recent times, people are worried, distressed and even desperate about the shortage of medicines. By association of ideas, drug addicts also feel worried, anguished and even desperate when they lack their favorite drug. Pharmacy remedies are also drugs, prescribed or not by the doctor, and some of them can produce addiction. Although I’m sure the polite ferocity of the professional jungle will never admit this…
    I’m happy to experience sounds in my system that can help me feel better and enjoy life. Music carries special energy and that is very powerful, it does work as medicine for the soul. Recently I got the chance to make an animated clip for Percy and got to talk to him, that was a unique gift from music itself. Music invites to collaboration, to reflection… Music is a tool and its purpose vary according to each player, yours takes me to a state I enjoy a lot. Congratulations on Lifetime of Wreckage, the sound design is spectacular as usual and the lyrics hit deep. Peace Drasar!

    April 5, 2021 at 1:24 PM

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